Lemon Fresh

Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Lemon Fresh Solutions follow the most professional business process. This process begins with thoroughly understanding the clients' needs and goes on further for deep understanding of clients requirement keeping in view of their business size & structure, industry operating in, work culture and growth plans etc. Our promise to all our most preferred client only quality services. This is possible because of the in-depth domain knowledge that the company has acquired in various industry segments and experts and consultants working with us for our customers.

We strongly believe that our services must meet not only the technical parameters but also must be able to function successfully with the client corporate culture, management style and philosophy.

Our Differentials -

  • Lemon Fresh Solutions is driven by entrepreneurs. We put our personal reputation at stake.
  • We prefer to refuse or drop an assignment rather than not deliver.
  • We move seamlessly in client’s shoes, due to deep understanding of business dynamics and complexities.
  • We handle diverse assignments across industry verticals with our strong Research capability and sound Knowledge Management practice.
  • We focus on only few key accounts thereby devoting our resources optimally to locate and provide the best of the best Solutions available to our clients.
  • Our tenacity, speed in terms of turnaround time.
  • Our transparency, proven processes.
  • Our flexibility to work as per our client’s requirements.
  • We offer cross border services through networks of partners/offices.
  • Our promptness and quality is our credibility.
  • Dedicated and experienced professionals catering to client’s requirements as per their domain expertise.
  • Excellent track record of supply to reputed organizations throughout India & Abroad.
  • We take your valuable feedback as gift for our continuous improvement.
  • Comprehensive screening, skills testing and psychological assessments.
  • Our strength lies in specialized domain knowledge of the various industry sectors we operate in.
  • We work backwards from our knowledge to ensure a forward path for your organization with the timely delivery of solutions and their continuous improvement.
  • Our turnaround time (TAT) is 48 hours.

Started in 2001 with strength of 04 recruiters on board & with the gradual passage of time; we have grown into a 200+ employee organization today. We are built with a very solid foundation by investing significant time, money, effort and focus in developing a very strong base. Each division under the corporate umbrella aims to bring together the best people, the best technology and depth of experience. The high level of professionalism in meeting our customers needs. We have always performed with integrity and values, and we express those values according to the circumstances of the times. Our expertise, combined with our reputation for exceptional customer service has one clear benefit: we are the people you can be trusted for desired results.​​​